Content Strategy

Strategy is integral to all of our work. Every project we work on begins with a review of our client’s communication goals and objectives; audience profiles and needs; competitive environment and best-practice analysis; and budget and schedule parameters.The results are delivered in a comprehensive design brief that outlines our findings.

Identity & Branding

People often think of an identity purely as a “logo,” yet it is much more than that. An identity embodies what is unique about a company or institution. It includes the logo and also includes the use of color, type, and direction on use of imagery information. Our final deliverable for an identity or brand communications includes a thorough Identity Standards Guide that ensures consistent branding.

Art Direction

Art direction is at the core of creating a unique piece, as the photographers, illustrators, and videographers selected to work on a project are part of the visual identity. We are part of a professional network of hundreds of photographers and illustrators and work with them to create unique designs.

Interaction Design

Our interactive designs focus on the user first, then the technology. We initiate the design process with analysis of competitors, audience, and content. This procedure lays the groundwork for information architecture, wireframes, interface design and finally the production of the functional website. At each stage we refer back to user personas, a tool that keeps us informed of the audience wants and needs.

Marketing Design

For us, the term “marketing” is broad, especially when it comes to communications. A marketing piece could be an alumni publication, a company brochure, or a campaign. No matter what the form is, we aim to reinforce the mission of the company, organization, or institution. We address all levels of the project to ensure consistency of design and information.

Publication Design

The scope of work we do when it comes to publication design is broad. We may be hired to critique an existing publication in anticipation of a redesign, to design a publication from an initial concept, or to collaborate on an issue-to-issue basis.
For a redesign or launch, we begin with a thorough analysis of the current publication and the organization’s goals. We create designs unique to the readership, implement new guidelines, and offer consultations on an ongoing basis.

Information Design

A complex message can be delivered with clarity through thoughtfully developed infographics. We review our client’s content and conceptualize ways to deliver key concepts with accessible visualizations. The final pieces may be maps, graphics, or illustrative interpretations.


The discussion of design is an important element of our work. Through lectures we are able to share our expertise. In the same way that we design for a unique audience, we customize our lectures and seminars for the group we are presenting to—whether it is for one hour or an entire day.