They did great work here, and still do.

Heather Clark

Freelance Designer

I launched my formal design career at 2communiqué. First, I learned how a truly effective creative business should be run, with dedication to the work and client, while also being extremely efficient. I have measured all my succeeding experiences against this model. Second, I had the opportunity to work on truly brilliant publication design with world-class photographers, illustrators, editors, and clients, many of whom I maintain relationships with to this day.

Lesia Gribbin

Art Director, Red Urban

The team helped me learn to push my ideas from initial brainstorming to the end product.

Margot Grisar

Design Director, Tufts Publications

My biggest takeaway (and there were many) was learning to be decisive—making key choices and moving forward. This is a skill that has been a huge part of my success at Tufts, where there are always many projects to juggle and decisions to be made quickly.

Erin Haley

Senior Graphic Designer, Denver Art Museum

The value of collaboration and the joy of working with a creative director who is respectful and empowering! Creativity thrives in an environment of mutual respect.

Taneisha Kirchner

Designer, AKQA

Designing is about learning to accommodate the ever-evolving user experience.

Amanda Lenz

Owner, Lenz Illustration & Design

The attitude is what I remember most. Kelly and Chris show a lot of respect for their clients, the work, and the people who work with them.

Eric Mongeon

Creative Director, Boston magazine

Fifteen years later, my fondest memory isn’t of a great cover or a killer client presentation (though there were many). It’s of a scrappy, headstrong entrepreneur who quite literally left a trace.

Andrew Parkes

Finishing Production at Quad/Graphics

Keep experimenting. Even when you think you’ve come up with every possible solution, there are always more—and better—solutions out there. Just keep playing.

Ariel Smullen

Project Coordinator at Mohawk

When you work as a team and share roles, the likelihood of creating something really great is almost always the conclusion.