They did great work here, and still do.

Lesia Gribbin

The team helped me learn to push my ideas from initial brainstorming to the end product.

Erin Haley

The value of collaboration and the joy of working with a creative director who is respectful and empowering! Creativity thrives in an environment of mutual respect.

Eric Mongeon

Fifteen years later, my fondest memory isn’t of a great cover or a killer client presentation (though there were many). It’s of a scrappy, headstrong entrepreneur who quite literally left a trace.

James Bucknell Moore

Driving satisfying work. Mutual respect. Care for the client. Passion for exploration. Attention to the details. The importance of balance. Typographic excellence. And always with a lighthearted kindness. These lessons still resonate since my first days in design at 2communiqué, and have served as guidelines in my work since. Their professionalism set the bar high. Leading by example, Kelly and Chris foster real development of designers. I remember being sent out on my very first press check (so nervous!), but filled with their trust and belief in my skills. I always go back to what I learned through their mentorship, and am fortunate to have shared this experience. 2communiqué will always be the grounding force in my career. 

PS: I still like the color Purple and I’m still regretting those bananas!

Heather Clark

I launched my formal design career at 2communiqué. First, I learned how a truly effective creative business should be run, with dedication to the work and client, while also being extremely efficient. I have measured all my succeeding experiences against this model. Second, I had the opportunity to work on truly brilliant publication design with world-class photographers, illustrators, editors, and clients, many of whom I maintain relationships with to this day.

Taneisha Kirchner

Designing is about learning to accommodate the ever-evolving user experience.

Amanda Lenz

The attitude is what I remember most. Kelly and Chris show a lot of respect for their clients, the work, and the people who work with them.

Amanda Carlton

My very first graphic design role was with 2communiqué in Denver, Colorado. I was fortunate to learn from the best in this highly collaborative, supportive and organized environment. To this day, when I need to get “unstuck,” I can hear Kelly reminding me to turn off the grid and guidelines – or better yet turn off the computer and sketch. Both Kelly and Chris are brilliant, involved, dedicated and passionate designers and educators and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to launch my design career with their direction and inspiration.

Margot Grisar

My biggest takeaway (and there were many) was learning to be decisive—making key choices and moving forward. This is a skill that has been a huge part of my success at Tufts, where there are always many projects to juggle and decisions to be made quickly.

Eden Loeffel

After leaving a hectic job at an Ad Agency I was offered a full-time freelance job by Kelly. I already knew Kelly and the team, and I knew that I would love being part of the studio. My time here far exceeded those expectations. Kelly has built a studio full of support, creativity, and top-notch design. Along with learning many tricks of the trade, I felt invigorated and inspired and was reminded why I love this job so much – being able to create something new, and get creative every day, while solving problems for clients who appreciate and value what you do.

Kristie (Downing) Malivindi

Kipling keychains. Harvard Square. Hyphenation and Justification. Closing-day cinnamon scones from Carberry’s. The proper measurements of a standard business envelope. Versioning and server structure. Print reps and press checks. Client presentations. PMS 485. And one little, white ghost dog.

My very first designer role was at kellydesign, inc. where Kelly taught me most of the realities-of-a-professional-career-that-they-don’t-teach-you-in-design-school. Chris literally taught me web design. Twenty years later, and those two are still my benchmark for how to run a studio—with integrity, discipline, compassion, and respect. And obviously strategic thinking and creativity and collaboration.