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Case Study


BizEd Redesign

Competing with the Big Boys



Association magazines are in a challenging place. They need to compete with consumer publications yet typically they do not have comparable budgets. While the articles in an association magazine can be as engaging and informative as their consumer competitors, if someone doesn’t open the publication, that content is a lost opportunity.

BizEd readers are deans and faculty from business schools worldwide. The magazine’s competition includes highly regarded publications such as the Harvard Business ReviewThe Wall Street JournalBloomberg Businessweek, and Fast Company. The previous design of BizEd relied heavily on stock imagery, and the magazine fell flat against the competition.





As part of our redesign process, we reviewed the budget and allocated resources for original illustrations and photography. At the beginning of each issue, we review the articles with the editors and art-direct award-winning illustrators and photographers. The pages of the magazine have fresh, vibrant visuals that enhance the editorial content.








Along with art-directed imagery, we work with the editors to identify content that can be packaged in more engaging ways. Infographics replace longer, text-only articles for an engaging, accessible read.




Stock art and existing photography still has a place. But we conduct extensive research to find unexpected stock imagery and additional existing photography. And when an image isn’t the perfect match for the editorial content, we enhance it through cropping and stylistic treatments.



AACSB International

Juliane Iannarelli, VP Knowledge Development

Brandy Whited, Communications Coordinator


Art Direction

Content Strategy

Identity & Branding

Information Design

Publication Design


Associations & Centers





The January/February 2015 issue of BizEd featured a new design and editorial structure. During our process with the redesign, we looked closely at the profile of a typical BizEd reader. The new design places greater emphasis on the real-world research and innovation happening at business schools today. It also places less emphasis on stock imagery and more on fresh, vibrant representations of topics pertinent to business schools today.

Honors: SPD Print Merit Winner, AAF/Albany Ad Club Gold and Silver Awards, Folio Ozzie Gold Award, AM+P General Excellence, FMA Charlie Award