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Case Study

Cummings Veterinary Medicine Magazine

Visual Storytelling

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why then are so many people using bland, obvious stock imagery? If something is going to cut through the visual clutter of our world, it has to be unexpected and engaging.

Cummings Veterinary Medicine is a unique publication that has two distinct audiences to reach: the school’s veterinarian community and external consumer readers. Through visual storytelling, the design balances the research-driven pieces with consumer-oriented articles.

Tufts University photographers Alonso Nichols and Kelvin Ma work with us to shoot captivating photography.


Award-winning illustrators create pieces that capture the essence of the articles.

We create infographics to deliver the scientific data in an accessible way.


And because we aren’t working with a limitless budget, we do extensive visual research to find unique stock imagery when necessary.

The end result is a reader experience that meets everyone’s needs.


Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Karen Bailey, Editorial Director

Genevieve Rajewski, Editor

Margot Grisar, Design Director


Art Direction

Publication Design


Associations & Centers


Cummings Veterinary School at Tufts University

We worked closely with the editorial and design teams from Tufts’ Office of Publications to create this unique publication that speaks to both the internal Tufts community of veterinarians and the external audience of pet loving consumers.

Honors: CASE Circle of Excellence, UCDA General Excellence Award, AM+P Excel Award, AAF/Albany Ad Club Award


Stuart Bradford

Jason Holley

Hadley Hooper

Aaron Meshon

Alonso Nichols, Tufts University Photographer

David Pohl

Brian Stauffer