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Noble and Greenough School Enrollment Communications

This Is Your Nobles

From the open house to the kick-off strategy meeting, there were two themes that came through about Nobles and the importance of engaging prospective students: 1) The people at the school— from administration to faculty to students—were honest, open to risk, and at times self-effacing. 2) We needed to tell the story of the school and allow people to feel like a part of this community before they even set foot on the amazing campus. Because the school encourages its faculty and students to take risks, it was open to doing something different. Working with Mark Sheehy Creative and the Nobles communications team, led by Director of Communications Heather Sullivan, we developed integrated brand communications that tell the Nobles story as a layered, rich experience—from online to print.





Since many people’s experience with a school starts with the website, we knew that creating an emotional experience online was imperative. The team at Nobles created eight videos capturing the essence of the school and people. Among the subjects: a dynamic trip to Cambodia for EXCEL and an interview with the director of college counseling and some of the Nobles students. The website we designed delivers the videos in a rich, layered environment where the viewer can also read more about the topic, watch alternate videos, or listen to additional audio.

These stories allow families to start to imagine themselves as part of the Nobles community. The conversation with the school begins with the Request Information form. When people get to this form, they are greeted with friendly, conversational text. And as they share their information, they learn that Nobles will share information back with them based on the data they entered. After they fill out the form, a video is delivered to them based on the information they entered, allowing them to further imagine what their experience at Nobles would be like.

The theme “This Is My Nobles, Create Your Own Nobles” carries through in the visually rich oversized viewbook. Knowing that students do not want to read marketing copy, we minimized the institutional voice by putting it on half sheets at the start of each section. And even these have a playful voice, such as this line for academics: “How do you keep your safety goggles from steaming up in the lab?” The stories of the people at Nobles are told through first-person copy and visually represented through photography, graphic novels and curated artwork.

Each section of the viewbook contains a tear-put component tied to the hashtag #ThisIsMyNobles. From a campus map with a scavenger hunt to a cut-out of the school’s mascot, each piece engages the participant with the school by sharing their experiences through social media.

The visual direction of the website, viewbook, and search piece connect through the presence of backpacks—an item that any student can relate to and one that personifies who they are as an individual. The final piece a selected student received was a box of items, including a patch, pencil, sticker, and guide book, that allowed them to start customizing their own experience. In addition, we developed an advertising campaign, with a call-to-action, “Discover Your Nobles” to build on “Create Your Own Nobles.”


Noble and Greenough

Heather Sullivan, Director of Communications


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Noble and Greenough School

Noble and Greenough School sits on 186 acres of land just outside of Boston. The families that make up the Nobles community come from the surrounding suburbs as well as Brockton, Boston and Cambridge. We worked with the Nobles communication team to create integrated brand communications that capture what it’s like to be part of this community.

The overall yield for admissions the year the campaign launched was 66%, well above the School’s five and ten year average yields, with the most diverse student body in the history of the School.

Honors: CASE District I Gold Awards



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