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Case Study

Nobles Day Camp Rebrand and Integrated Communications

Rebranding a Camp with a Rich History


Nobles Day Camp, founded in 1948, was experiencing more and more competition in the camp arena. In order to stand out they needed to clearly communicate the unique experience they offer to prospective families as well as effectively communicate during the summer with camper families.

The previous camp logo was an owl in honor of the founders, Grandin Wise and George K. Bird. During our discovery we noticed dozens of owls created over the years by campers. This discovery along with the camp’s long history were the guiding factors in deciding to keep an owl as part of the redesigned identity.

Along with honoring the previous mascot in the new logo we felt it was important to incorporate the host school’s shield. An important factor for the design solution was to create something that would appeal to boys and girls ages three to 18. The end result is a graphic, shield-shaped owl. The identity standards included an extension of the color and type palette we developed for Noble and Greenough.

An objective for the project was to rethink not just the identity but also the communications system. Research showed that parents were getting their information from the website versus the comprehensive printed brochure. We designed a responsive, graphic, easy to navigate website that delivers content all year round.

To complement the website we created a scaled back brochure with key selling points along with a series of business cards. Each card includes a photo from the camp, twelve different in all, making the business card a collector’s item.


When the campers arrive they receive a t-shirt, water bottle, and backpack as keepsakes. The colors selected were based on the new color palette with the new logo displayed in the brand blue. In addition, the achievement buttons are an iconic system related to the new, bold logo.

Nobles Day Camp

Nobles Day Camp, located on the campus of Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, MA, was founded in 1948 by Grandin Wise and George K. Bird. We were asked to redesign the camp’s identity and communications to clearly position the camp within a growing competitive landscape. The project goal was to develop an identity and brand that clearly communicated the Nobles Day Camp rich history and philosophy to prospective and returning families. This was achieved through creating a bold and playful logo and a strategic communications system, including a responsive website, collectable business cards, and bright, graphic items for the campers.



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