Case Study

Nobles Magazine Redesign

Capturing a Culture

Alumni magazines must capture the spirit and culture of a place, otherwise referred to as the brand of the institution (though this terminology is not always embraced in the academic arena). This is done through the stories that are told, the voice of those articles, and the visual look and feel of the publication.

Situated outside of Boston, Massachusetts, the independent school Noble and Greenough feels like a mini college. The drive up the hill reveals a modern, glass building, the main entrance to the school. A walk through the campus reveals old buildings juxtaposed against new. And in the middle of campus sits a castle. Students walk the halls and campus; girls in riding boots and boys in chinos. It is like a Lands End catalog come to life. Our goal was to capture this culture in a printed piece.

Everyone that is part of the school community refers to it as Nobles. So the first thing we suggested was to change the name from The Nobles Bulletin to Nobles to feel more informal. The logo is friendly and poised. The covers focus on the successful graduates around the country: from an activist in Wyoming to a television star in LA to the NYPD’s first inspector general, the impact of the school is clear.

When we approached the redesign, we not only had the goal of creating a magazine that represented the school, we also wanted to make sure we maximized their resources. Curated blog content was pulled into the print pages and links to additional online content were introduced.

Longer-format articles tell the stories of the graduates, classroom pedagogy, and campus life.

With a school founded in 1866 there are bound to be major anniversaries to celebrate, including a special issue about 40 years of coeducation and the Sesquicentennial.

Inserts enhance the interactive experience and expand on articles in the publication.

And for a period an iPad version of the publication was created to take advantage of the rich multimedia content the communications staff creates.

Nobles Magazine

Noble and Greenough School is an independent school located outside of Boston. Working with the communications team at Nobles, we redesigned the alumni magazine, making it an elegant, rich publication that captures the spirit of the school and its accomplished graduates. The publication strategically makes use of existing content from the school blogs and connects the reader back to the school’s website.

Nobles has received numerous awards, including an SPD Merit Award, CASE Circle of Excellence Awards Silver, three Gold Excel Awards and a Silver Award for Design Excellence from AM+P, as well as Awards of Design Excellence from UCDA.


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