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The Nieman Reports Publication Design




The Nieman Foundation

Anne Marie Lipinski, Curator

James Geary, Editor

Jan Gardner, Senior Editor


Art Direction

Publication Design


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The Nieman Foundation

The Nieman Foundation was established in 1938 “to promote and elevate the standards of journalism and educate persons deemed specially qualified for journalism.” Nieman Reports, a quarterly published by the foundation, is the “nation’s oldest magazine devoted to a critical examination of the practice of journalism.” While the journal has a rich history, the publication does not feel dated. We were brought in to refresh the existing design and develop a look and feel that supports the thought-provoking content. Beginning with the cover and ending with the last page, we considered content, flow, and visual presentation.

Honors: AM+P Excel Award, AAF/District Two


Amanda Duffy

Timothy Archibald

John Soares