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Case Study

Tufts Office of Publications Redesign

A Brand System

The Office of Publications at Tufts University produces publications for the alumni of Tufts University as well as the professional schools, including Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, and the School of Medicine. Working with the team at Tufts we redesigned the publications to work as a system and also redesigned the flagship magazine to be four magazines in one.

The Tufts University identity system was the foundation for the redesign. A color palette was created to complement the Tufts school colors of blue and brown while an extended font palette was developed to allow for flexibility within the overall publication system.

The in-house design director works with multiple freelance designers on the creation of the publications. To ensure consistency for the family of publications we implemented a typographic style guide for the features. The guide allows for multitudes of outcomes yet also contains restraints to minimize over designing of headlines.


A Style Guide outlining usage of color, type, and imagery was developed and shared with the team of designers working on the publication. While there is an overarching system each magazine has its own personality and tone.

The bold, blue typographic logo is emphasized on the cover of Tufts magazine while the professional school magazines combine the logo in white with the name of the school it represents.

The flagship magazine, Tufts, incorporated four magazines in one: Discover, Create, Act, and Connect while the professional school publications maintained a more conventional structure with front and back of book sections bookending a feature well. The nomenclature for the individual publications related to the content, for instance, “Kibble,” was the name for the front-of-book section for Cummings Veterinary Medicine, a section comprised of shorter articles and take-aways.


Tufts University

Karen Bailey, Editorial Director

David Brittan, Editor

Margot Grisar, Design Director


Art Direction

Publication Design


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Tufts University

Tufts magazine has won numerous awards for design and general excellence from the Council for the Advancement & Support of Education (CASE), the University & College Designer’s Association (UCDA), the American Advertising Federation (AAF), and Association Media + Publishing (AM+P). The covers have also been featured on Umagazinology.


Kathleen Dooher

Amanda Duffy

Christoper Harting

Darren Hopres

Mariko Jesse

John Soares