An Illustrated Portrait

Creative Solutions for When You Can’t Take a Portrait

In the current state of affairs taking someone’s portrait for a story is out of the question. Yet it is important to maintain a high level of quality for your communications. Creative solutions are needed. And one that we highly recommend is working with an illustrator who specializes in portrait illustration.

Even when subjects can be photographed we like to include illustrators in the mix. Doing this gives a piece more visual variety. Some tips to consider:

— Review samples and select the illustrator that has the right style for the article.

— Supply a selection of reference material to the illustrator. This is when low resolution imagery is okay (unless you are working with a collage illustrator).

— Review the sketch closely to ensure that it captures the person’s personality before having the illustrator create the final piece.

— Consider a collage illustrator when there is supplied photography that doesn’t meet the standards for the publication.

Recommended sources for finding the right illustrator for the project (to name just a few):

The iSpot (Select a Genre/Subject and instantly see over a 100 samples)
Gerald And Cullen Rapp Art
B&A Representatives
Marlena Agency
Salzman International
Richard Solomon Artist Representatives