Integrated Marketing

Digital + print + social media +video = impact
Photo: iStock

This term may be somewhat of a buzzword, like “content marketing,” but the power of an integrated marketing campaign could never be overemphasized. Audiences are interacting with messaging everywhere; browsing social media, surfing the web, reading magazines and newspapers, and absorbing countless impressions on-the-go. When developing effective marketing pieces it is important to consider not only one channel, but all media and how they can strategically work together to connect with your audience.

We worked with Noble and Greenough School to create an integrated enrollment campaign for an audience that included educated adults in their 30s and 40s as well as their tech-savvy teenagers. Connecting with this demographic range was imperative.

Heather Sullivan, Director of Communications at Noble and Greenough School knew she wanted to connect with people early in the process with a conversational application form which invited prospective families to feel as if they were already part of the Nobles community. Interaction carried through into the viewbook, a print piece illuminated with prompts to engage students with the school’s active social media presence. The school’s admission website went even further by featuring video content to familiarize viewers with Nobles culture, from a day-in-the-life snapshot to an experiential learning trip to Cambodia. All of the channels, including complementary advertising, incorporated a cohesive message and visual brand, engaging viewers at every point of entry and connecting them with the unique Nobles experience.

The overall yield for admissions was 66% well above the School's five and ten year average yields with the most diverse student body in the history of the School.