The Story Behind Our Rebrand

Peeling Back the Layers Led to a New Identity

Rebranding is a major investment in time and resources. More than redoing your logo, this is an opportunity to peel back the layers to reveal who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why it matters. To go beyond the surface, you have to do the work—develop a strategic rationale and a clear position, engage with key stakeholders, and be open to change. The process can take months or even years.

Last spring, after 22 years of being in business, we took time to reflect on our work, our impact, and what gets us excited about what we do. What we found: Research and strategy are at the core of our work; the process is crucial; and one of the most enjoyable aspects of our work is getting to know our clients—their goals, audiences, and challenges. 

We also rediscovered that we have a unique point of view as narrative designers. Through the years this term has changed from custom publishing to content marketing to more recently brand narrative. But it has always been about creating authentic and engaging content that informs an audience instead of selling. This approach is more relevant than ever as consumers are savvier than ever, wanting to understand the value of an experience. And it is the core of how we approach communication strategy and design.

This dive into our own goals and objectives led us to the decision to refresh our own brand. One that embraces our love of storytelling through a magazine-style logo, neon color palette, and stories about the thinking and process behind our work.