Client Work

Medicine@Brown Redesigned

Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

When we began the process of relaunching our medical school alumni magazine, 2communique took a deep dive into our campus culture and ethos. They did more than create a magazine; they translated an ephemeral feeling of who and what we stand for into a tangible thing. They captured those emotions perfectly and I think that’s why our redesign has been so successful with our multiple audiences.

Kris Cambra


Medicine@Brown reminds alumni why they studied medicine and specifically why they chose to do so at Brown Medicine. The redesigned magazine delivers on this mission by inviting the readers into the publication through open, fluid pages and engaging imagery. The incorporation of the school’s identity system strengthens the relationship of the magazine with the school’s brand, serving as a proud reminder of why the community got into medicine at this prestigious institution.


Vickie Glembocki



Lara Tomlin

Kathleen Dooher

John Soares

Helena Perez Garcia

Marisa Guzmán-Aloia

Jesse Burke

The Balbusso Twins

Adam Mastoon

Bryan Regan