Case Study


Bowdoin College Magazine Redesign

Bowdoin College, a small liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine, had been producing an alumni magazine with a solid editorial framework, but the school’s communications team desired a more unique publication. Dense with content and little breathing space, the existing magazine was the antithesis of the Bowdoin experience—a vibrant, educational adventure in breathtaking coastal Maine.

Because the alumni magazine is a powerful tool for keeping graduates connected to their alma mater, and for engaging prospective students looking for a sense of student life and outcomes, authenticity was key. The new design of Bowdoin’s magazine had to connect and inspire, conveying the college’s commitment to the common good. 

Featuring an updated identity and new editorial features, the redesigned magazine delivered exactly what the client wanted—an engaging medium for Bowdoin’s pride and remarkable outcomes.



Folio Ozzie Honorable Mention for Redesign
UCDA Design Excellence for Redesign and Complete Magazine


Readers, from alumni to people outside of the Bowdoin community, have had favorable feedback to the redesign.

Before and After

The former publication was dense with content and little breathing space—the antithesis of an experience at Bowdoin College. Being located in coastal Maine is an enchanting characteristic to those connected to the school, from current students to alumni. We opened up the pages with generous margins, a flexible vertical alignment, and fewer images per page.

A Curious Reader

Since liberal arts colleges are often under scrutiny, we wanted to convey important outcomes of a liberal arts education: curiosity, broadened interests, and an aptitude for lifelong learning. The front of the book was renamed “Forward,” and is designed to have intriguing tidbits arranged throughout the section. Also included are queries like “Did You Know?” to inform inquisitive readers of interesting trivia.

People and Place

Naturally, an important part of any place is the people. The front and back sections open with engaging portraits of Bowdoin community members paired with short narratives. The features are rich with stories of alumni making an impact in the world. The newly-redesigned Bowdoin Magazine is sure to be a pride point and inspire engagement from alumni of all ages.

As a pessimist I can’t find something that went wrong [with the redesign]. It was painless.

Scott Schaiberger, Director of Editorial Services