Client work


Graduate School of Arts & Sciences/Harvard University

The Advising Project

While it may not seem a priority when launching a new program, a consistent brand and identity is imperative to ensuring key stakeholders are on the same page, speaking with a clear and unified voice. Ann Hall, director of communications at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Harvard, knew this when the school’s dean set out to launch a two-year project researching and implementing best practices in advising. 

To help shape the new identity and stress its importance, Ann brought 2COMMUNIQUÉ in at the project’s start. Meeting with the entire team, we gleaned advising insights like “one size does not fit all,” “collaboration is the intellectual driver,” and “it takes a village,” which helped to define the creative strategy. After exploring various directions that embodied these ideas, we collectively landed on the connected speech bubbles to embody “Enhancing our Intellectual Partnership.”

When the project launched a year later, the value of its clear and consistent announcement was understood by all.



Mark Sheehy