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Animating a Concept into Clarity

Center on the Developing Child | Science X Design

Science X Design

Many times an academic program evolves from an idea and grows into a content-rich program. Without a clear mission and brand in place, this leads to internal and external confusion and lack of clear messaging. This was the case for the Science X Design program.


Formerly called “The Three Principles,” we dove into this program to gain clarity on its goals and multiple audiences. It was important that we understood how material was presented to a diverse community of  policy makers, community workers, and practitioners. This information guided the development of a new identity and a clarity on the best way to engage the audiences.


We determined that an engaging animation would be the best medium to connect with these groups. Our strategic partner, Michelle Lansing, crafted an eloquent narrative that synthesized the complex story into an accessible script. 


At each step we worked closely with Al Race, director of communications, and creative partner, Black Math, to ensure that the program story was represented appropriately. The final animation brings together a careful selection of visual style, voice over talent, and music—telling  the story of the Science X Design program beautifully and simply.




Michelle Lansing