History Meets Modernity

George School

History Meets Modernity

School’s are rich with history. The founding, creation of programs and departments, and anniversaries of key members are just a few of the story opportunities that celebrate memories and impact. They are also excellent opportunities to explore digital storytelling.

George School had a lot of moments to share on a limited budget. Founded in 1887, the school wanted to share a digital story of its 125th anniversary needed to feel layered with history, evoking a sense of its Quaker roots. To meet their needs efficiently and effectively, we researched existing timeline templates in WordPress that could be customized with the school’s identity.

After the client selected a template direction, we began working with existing material and stock imagery to develop a visual direction for the backdrop of the existing archival imagery from the school. The result is a warm and engaging narrative history. (To see a different look and feel applied to the same theme, check out  2communiqué’s 20th anniversary timeline

With this important anniversary celebrated, it was time to address the overall website. The communication team at George School knew that the main website, which serves as their primary international marketing tool, needed a refresh to appeal to a younger, web-savvy audience. We expanded the timeline palette into a visual direction that included a warm color palette; pairing of modern and handwritten fonts; bold, full-frame photography; interactive headers; and inviting infographics. The end result is a website that captures a modern approach to a Quaker education.

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