Alliance For Better Health

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Alliance For Better Health

EXPLAINING HOW THE DELIVERY SYSTEM REFORM INCENTIVE PAYMENT (DSRIP) program worked was complicated; but to be beneficial, the program’s outcomes had to be accessible and easily understood. We believed a long-form narrative was key to making this possible.

Through video interviews, an engaging story, and provocative photography, “Empowering a Community to Health” brought the program’s impact to life. A multilayered experience, this narrative transported the reader into the world of the health ambassadors and the incredible impact of their work. Its look and feel was informed by the redesigned visual identity for the Alliance, providing an overall experience that better represented its mission.

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“We love working with 2communiqué—especially taking part in its creative process. They approach every article with fresh eyes, distilling the essence of each story into vibrant and often unexpected visuals. They also make us dig deeper, pushing for the best headline and editorial balance. It’s a constant and dynamic collaboration.”

—Sharon Shinn and Tricia Bisoux, co-editors

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