What we’re thinking and writing about

Why Redesign?

Hint: It shouldn’t be because you're bored.

Fit to Print

Think critically about what gets published on paper

Lessons Learned

5 Take-Aways from the CASE Editors Forum

What Does it Mean to be Editorial?

Six tips to consider to make sure your magazine doesn't read like a brochure

A Different Perspective

A new direction transforms a magazine

From Photography to Collage

It’s more than a fix to pick-up imagery

Directed Narratives

Why original illustration and photography adds value

Making a Story Uniquely Yours

How institutions made global issues their own.

Embracing Tough Topics

And shying away from safe and fun editorial.

What Makes a Magazine?

A conversation with Jeremy Leslie, magCulture

Storytelling Belongs Everywhere

Why Your Magazine Needs a Digital Presence

Elements of Type 101

Five things to note when selecting type

The Story Behind Our Rebrand

Peeling Back the Layers Led to a New Identity

Nourishing Your Work

The parallels between cooking and writing

A Portrait Tells a Story

Editorial portraiture captures culture

The Impact of Illustration

Elevating storytelling

It’s the Medium in the Message

Strategizing print, digital, and social media

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

That Means Video is Worth Millions.

5 Reasons Why Killing Print is a Mistake

Losing connection with your community

Finding Your Institution’s Voice

Differentiation in education is more important than ever

An Illustrated Portrait

Creative Solutions for When You Can’t Take a Portrait

Inspiration vs. Plagiarism

Pinterest is not research

Branding an Alumni Magazine

Alumni magazines must embrace their institution's identity

Integrated Marketing

Digital + print + social media +video = impact

Toot Your Horn

And other lessons in-house teams should take away from design agencies

The Role of a Creative Director

Leading the Direction

All Alumni Magazines Are Not the Same

So why do so many look alike?

An Engaging Magazine Starts with the Cover

If not it won't be read

Making Word and Image Sing

The Collaboration Between Editor and Art Director

A Perfect Partnership

Pairing In-house Teams with Design Firms

We observe, absorb, read, write, play—connect—to engage with what matters and the people that inspire us.

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