Branding an Alumni Magazine

Alumni magazines must embrace their institution's identity
Photo: iStock

Target and Nike know the importance of consistent, strategic brand communications in positioning their companies apart from the competition. It is just as important that a school’s communication tells their unique story from enrollment to alumni engagement. An alumni publication should integrate the school’s identity and brand while maintaining an autonomous editorial approach.

The school magazine should not get lost among its heavily branded brochures or admissions pieces, but it is a marketing piece for the school. The magazine is created for a community that is part of a place. It is a window into that place for prospective students and donors.

This editorially driven piece must be designed by a creative team well versed in the refinement of a publication: the pacing and visual storytelling of a publication system. As the stories unfold in the pages, thoughtful design in harmony with the school’s brand offer up a newsstand-worthy magazine that is alive with content that speaks directly to the intended audience.