Finding Your Institution’s Voice

Differentiation in education is more important than ever
Photo: iStock

One of the questions I ask when working on magazines is “Why this story for this magazine and this audience?” The New York Times Magazine will tell a story one way, while O will have a completely different approach based on their readerships. An alumni magazine needs to tell that story in a way that resonates for their audience. Admissions communications need to go beyond the superficial “By the Numbers” and campus beauty shots to authentically represent their communities.  

This spring we have worked with our clients in the education sector as they rethink their content (how do you show campus pride when no one is on campus?), how the pandemic has impacted their community, and most recently, how do they address racial injustice and represent realistic diversity on their campuses. These clients, including colleges and universities, independent schools, and associations, have now delved deeper than ever to answer those questions.