Gabby Gordon

Senior Designer & Producer

Gabby Gordon

Why do you enjoy working with clients in education? We share the same values in the power of education and helping to advance the lives of others. I love feeling like an extension of their team!

What is a memory from your school experience? I have so many fond memories from all my years in school. One of the many standouts was at the beginning of high school, I took an entry-level studio art class. One afternoon I mentioned to my teacher that I was interested in photography (I got my first camera when I was 8). We didn’t have a specific class since my school was very small. I ended up sharing some of my work with him and that moment resulted in my independent study for the next four years. Having a mentor early on who encouraged and supported my interests was one of the reasons I went to college to study design (and photography!).

Where do you find inspiration? I try to find inspiration in an array of places and sources, especially those that are more off the “beaten path.” If I have someone I can ask questions to or have a conversation with, I always will. Without fail, I’ll feel inspired when listening to stories, music, and reading.

What’s an example of a time when you took a risk and it paid off?  When I first started learning about designing for digital in college, I was really struggling because the finished product wasn’t a tangible item. I was fairly far into the project and feeling uneasy about my design, however, I was running out of time. Instead of playing it safe, I went to ask for help. That conversation led to scrapping everything I did and starting completely over. From that day forward, it all seemed to click. Lesson Learned: Always ask for help and nothing you make is precious. 

Favorite word? Believe — reminds me to always have confidence and to be resilient.

Favorite song? Impossible for me to have a single one — ask me about my record collection (Which spans 6 decades) and you’ll see why I don’t have ONE favorite.