Jackson St.Cyr

Marketing & Business Assistant

Jackson St.Cyr

Why do you enjoy working with clients in education? Oftentimes the target audience/market with clients in education are young people, like me. So being on the inside and having the ability to provide my personal feedback as a member of the client's intended audience is incredibly fulfilling and meaningful to me.

What is a memory from your school experience? Mr. Wilson was my eleventh-grade teacher for United States History & Government. I had seen Mr. Wilson in the halls as a ninth and tenth-grade student and always thought that he was a slightly grumpy, unenthusiastic guy; always walking around wearing a slight frown. So when I walked into his classroom on the first day of eleventh grade I expected this to be a mediocre class at best. But as he began to speak, I found myself increasingly captivated by his passionate and animated style of explaining history and government; it made me fall in love with government, politics, and history. And now, as a freshman at American University (AU) studying law and politics, I can credit the memory of his class and his character as my favorite school experience thus far. 

Where do you find inspiration? I pull inspiration from the people in my life and in history that have achieved great success accomplishing goals similar to my own.

What’s an example of a time when you took a risk and it paid off? I took a risk when I decided to attend AU instead of a substantially less expensive and (arguably) less academically rigorous college or university. But the risk is seemingly paying off because in just my first few weeks at AU I have created valuable relationships with professors and professionals in the world of D.C. politics, secured a job as the Event Outreach Manager for the Board of Spirits & Traditions, and have been selected alongside 36 other freshmen to participate in the Advanced Leadership Development Program.

Favorite word? Discombobulated. 

Favorite song? The Void by Kid Cudi.