The Impact of Illustration

Elevating storytelling
Illustration: Francesco Bongiorni

Burger King recently launched their new global brand identity, created by Jones Knowles Ritchie. What was unique is that along with the logo, color, and typography the new brand included the work of the illustrator, CachetejackAs a narrative design firm we have long known the unique perspective that commissioned illustration can bring to a project. But it should not be limited to editorial or packaging projects. When considered as part of the identity and brand illustration can add a unique visual style.

6 Things to consider when working with illustration:

Include illustration in your Identity & Brand Guide. By including styles in your guideline you have a reference when assigning a particular project. If your identity and brand guidelines do not include illustration, hire a consulting art director to help your organization curate a selection of illustrators to define a style.

Budget for original artwork. There is a lot of great stock available. Use it to supplement originally commissioned work. But let the project stand out with original work.

Illustration new to you? Work with a representative. They can help you select the right illustrator based on your project. S/he can also act as a middle person if clarity is needed along the way. See a list of recommended agencies below.

Supply a detailed creative brief.Kick-off the project with a brief or draft along with a curated selection of the illustrator’s work. This helps the illustrator define what the final piece needs to be.

Negotiate the terms for the work. Will it be a one-time use? Or will you need the work for multiple platforms. Define the scope and budget accordingly.

Credit the illustrator. Budgets have remained fairly flat for illustrators for the past three decades. Properly crediting them allows for them to build their network to lead to more work. (Illustration above (L to R): Eleanor ShakespeareFrancesco Bongiorni, and Diana Ejaita

Artist Representatives:

B&A Representatives

Debut Art

Frank Sturges

Gerald And Cullen Rapp Art

I2i Art

Joanie Bernstein

Lilla Rogers

Lindgren & Smith

Magnet Rep

Marlena Agency

Purple Rain

Renee Rhyner

Salzman International

Richard Solomon Artist Representatives