The Impact of Visual Narratives

Noble and Greenough Enrollment Communications

The Impact of Visual Narratives

Capturing a school’s ethos is a top priority of enrollment communications, especially in a competitive marketplace. With numerous top-tier schools to select from in the Boston area, it is imperative to attract attention through a defined sense of place, and community is crucial; the opportunity to garner a campus visit is paramount.

A stunning campus with a castle, state-of-the-art academic facilities, and an engaged community—these are all part of the Noble and Greenough experience. It’s no wonder that 95 percent of prospective students apply after touring the school. 2communiqué was engaged to bring Nobles to life in its enrollment viewbook. 

To capture the Nobles experience, we created a visually rich, lifestyle-like publication. The viewbook portrays “a day in the life” of four Nobles students; these photo essays feature the images of four award-winning photographers, each selected for their unique lens. Because Nobles cannot invite prospective students for daylong campus visits due to the volume of applicants, the opportunity to share multiple student perspectives was critical.

Photography captures the spirit of a place when visiting is not an option.
Each photographer also shot video to add to the social media storytelling.

We carried the “day in the life” theme through to the yield package, another engaging communication that includes a monthly planner and playful stickers to get the student started at Nobles.

Each section of the publication was printed on a different paper stock, giving the reader a tactile experience. Photographs by Jared Leeds, Beth Mickalonis, Gabby Richards, Tira Khan, and Ben Heider
Illustration made a daunting experience more approachable. Illustration: Shaw Nielsen

The application rate in 2021 was the highest in the school’s history.

Recognition: AAF/Capital Region Gold Awards; UCDA Honorable Mention

“In the 2communiqué team, I have the best creative partnership of my career. In every project—print, digital, or hybrid—I appreciate the strategic thinking, practical decision making, meticulous project management, and the predisposition to find humor when needed most.”

—Heather Sullivan, Former Director of Communications, Noble and Greenough School

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