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Nobles Day Camp

FOUNDED IN 1948 BY GRANDIN WISE AND GEORGE K. BIRD, the camp had long honored its founders with a pair of owls for its logo. During our intake, we quickly discerned the symbol’s importance, as decades of “owl art” was spotted throughout camp. This discovery, as well as the camp’s long history with the mascot, informed the decision to keep an owl as part of the redesigned identity. We also felt it was important to incorporate the host school’s shield in the new logo—the final mark needed to appeal to boys and girls ages 3 to 18. The end result is a friendly, shield-shaped owl.

Our intake also revealed that parents prefer to get their information from the camp’s website rather than a comprehensive printed brochure. To support this, we flipped the camp’s communications system to place emphasis on the website; to complement the website, we created a scaled-back brochure highlighting key selling points and a series of coordinating business cards. Each card includes a different photo from the camp, 12 in all, making the business card a collector’s item.

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