Bringing Music to Life

Bethlehem Music Association

Bringing Music to Life

The Bethlehem Music Association (BMA) is a volunteer group that enriches the musical experience of the students at Bethlehem Central School District. Nathaniel Reichman, BMA board member, and Grammy-award-winning sound artist, engaged 2communiqué to develop a unique identity for the organization that invokes a sense of pride and community for its members. While many schools continue to cut funding for art and music programs, we felt it was important to create a mark that both elevated and emphasized the importance of the arts in education. Drawing on inspiration from imagery associated with the different programs and ensembles that make up the BMA, we developed a mark that integrates orchestral elements into a playful, lively, and unified identity. 

The initial logo variations explored different aspects of music and performance such as music notes & conducting patterns, overtones, and instrument elements

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