Animating a Concept into Clarity

Center on the Developing Child | Science X Design

Animating a Concept into Clarity

Many times, an academic program evolves from an idea and begins to grow without a distinct mission or identity in place. Without clear messaging, the program’s introduction can lead to internal and external confusion. This was the case for the Center on the Developing Child’s Science X Design program.

2communiqué sought clarity on the program’s goals—formerly called “The Three Principles”—and its multiple audiences. Guided by an understanding of how material was presented to a diverse community of policymakers, community workers, and practitioners, we began development of a new identity and engagement approach.

We started with a revisit of the Center on the Developing Child identity and guidelines that we developed in 2010. While Science X Design was a standalone program, it was important to visually connect it with the center. Our concepts explored the intersection of science and design with the X as a graphic element connecting the two.

All programs and initiatives need a clear brand from the onset.
The identity directions explored the integration of science and design with the X.

We determined that an engaging animation would be the best medium to connect the program’s purpose with its audiences. Our strategic partner, Michelle Lansing, crafted an eloquent narrative that synthesized the complex story into an accessible script. While that was being developed, we researched prospective animation companies to partner with—one that would have an approachable style without being too cartoony. Al Race, director of communications at COTDC, had recently worked with Black Math and highly recommended their team. An excellent partner, Black Math provided the desired style, as well as solid recommendations for voice talent, music, and in-house animators.

The script was written to connect to a diverse audience.

The final animation tells the story of the Science X Design program beautifully and simply.

Recognition: AAF Capital Region Silver Award

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