Partnering with In-house Talent

UT Journal Redesign

Partnering with In-house Talent

“Redesign in-house or outsource?” This is a question we get asked a lot. Our reply: Why not both? That’s what the University of Tampa did when they hired us to redesign their alumni publication, UTjournal, for the second time. Guided by a decade of working with the previous design and a thorough understanding of the school, the recent redesign features a cover with the bold UT logo, updated type, and color palettes that are brighter and more engaging. Graphic details unique to the UT campus illuminate the interior. And, consistent with past issues, the magazine displays work by award-winning illustrators and photographers from around the world.

Recognition: CASE District III Gold for Publishing Improvement; UCDA General Excellence Award; AM+P Excel Award; AAF/Albany Ad Club

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