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GATHER IS PUBLISHED BY THE WOMEN OF THE EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH OF AMERICA for a primary readership of Lutheran women. One goal of the redesign was to modernize the visual style to attract a younger readership while maintaining a high legibility for the passionate mature audience. The redesigned publication employs a balance of white space and light color tint backgrounds to create a rhythmic flow to the reading experience. Working with a tight budget, we utilized a thoughtful selection of engaging stock photography and conceptual illustration along with a commissioned cover by a female artist for a captivating result.

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Recognition: Religious Communications Council Award of Excellence, Merit Awards and Honorable Mentions; AAF/Albany Ad Club Bronze Awards

“We love working with 2communiqué—especially taking part in its creative process. They approach every article with fresh eyes, distilling the essence of each story into vibrant and often unexpected visuals. They also make us dig deeper, pushing for the best headline and editorial balance. It’s a constant and dynamic collaboration.”

—Sharon Shinn and Tricia Bisoux, co-editors

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